New Comic Day – Sept. 4

Our first new comic book day is going to be September 4th, which stands to be the most exciting new comic book day since DC launched the New 52 two years ago. I don’t say this because it’s my first new comic book day (in fact truth be told, I’d have liked a few weeks to ease into it before dealing with something like this).

So what’s the big deal about September 4th? Well, first DC is offering up Forever Evil, their first cross-over that spans the entire New 52 universe. If you’ve been following The Trinity War storyline in the Justice League books you know something big is about to go down in Justice League 23 (due out this week). And in the aftermath of that, we get Forever Evil, a villain centric mini-series that examines the different types of characters who are villains in the DCU. There’s a bit more to it, but it will involve spoiling things I’m not willing to spoil. If that was all DC had up its sleeve for the 4th, it would make for a good week. But DC has more to offer as all of their regular titles have been suspended for September and replaced by special villain one-shots, the first wave of which will show up on the 4th. These are available in fantastic motion covers and standard covers for those of you who don’t want to pay extra for a cool cover.

But DC isn’t going to be alone in releasing highly anticipated books on the 4th. Dark Horse offers up the first issue of The Star Wars, a mini-series that adapts George Lucas’ first draft of Star Wars into comic form. While some of the names are familiar, a lot of it is very different. We’ve had customers asking for this book ever since they first announced it.

And of course Marvel can’t sit on the sidelines and not have a major book of their own out on the 4th. The book in question is X-Men: Battle of the Atom 1. Battle of the Atom is the massive X-Men cross-over that features the present X-Men, the X-Men from the past that have been staring in All New X-Men and tosses in a future team of X-Men as well just for fun. And it’s from that superstar creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Frank Cho.